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Vancouver Towing Services!

Vancouver Towing
Vancouver Towing

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Vancouver Towing
Vancouver Towing

Looking for a affordable Vancouver towing services?

When you badly need towing in Vancouver, Grandview Towing  are here to serve you 24 hours per day, everyday all years.  We will always send one of our professional tow  drivers to help you for an affordable price.  For a tow truck Quote, give us a call: 604-818-6999.  Tell  us know where you are located, where you want to go, the make and model of your vehicle and the color. Our professional  customer service associate will quote the best prices for you.

We offer many other services and mot only towing. We can open up your vehicle for you if you have locked yourself out.  We can change or repair  a flat tire for you or deliver fuel if you’ve run out of gasoline.  We offer jump-start service in case of a dead battery.  We can also remove away junk cars as long as you have a valid title. Give Us a Call if you need  any Service.

If a vehicle is blocking your Alley or driveway and is not on your private property, you must first call the police to ticket the vehicle before we can tow it away.  Once the vehicle has been ticketed by the police, give us a call and one of our Professional customer service representatives will be glad to assist you: 604-818-6999

Safety is mandatory.  All of our Staff  are licensed and insured and are experienced tow truck driver so you can feel fully safe when we leave with your vehicle.  They have perfect driving records or they don’t work for GrandView Vancouver Towing Services.

​We have the towing capacity to handle most towing needs.

We provide Light and Medium Duty Vancouver Towing Services.

We also provide Recovery and Heavy Duty Vancouver Towing Services.

Do you have a Special car car? If you do, we know you probably in love with your car more than your wife itself!  It’s your Treasure and you really want to be totally sure it will be in good hands. In most of time they have an extremely low height , so they need special handling.  No Stress!  Our tow truck drivers are trained for any kind or cars.  We have the knowledge and experience  to word with Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren and any other Luxury car!.

Motorcycle towing. You probably ignore that not every towing company in Vancouver  can tow a Bike.  Grandview Vancouver Towing can properly Carry your motorcycle so it will arrive at its destination unharmed.

Vancouver  Towing  is a company built on the foundation of hard work and dedication. Our goal is to  always provide a fast and professional towing service in Vancouver. To maintain our standards of quality and excellence, all of our employees are very experienced and certified. Our company is fully licensed.

Vancouver Towing has some values that continue directing us to achieve our goals.  We want to gain the trust and faith of our customers.

  • Integrity: Act in line with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Quality: Strive for the highest quality and skill in facilitating our customers.
  • Responsiveness: Respond to our customers quickly and patiently.
  • Respect: Sustain an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and authentic communication with all.

You the customer are the core of our business and you deserve the best. We know that without customers like is impossible to  make our business successful in Vancouver. That’s why we work very  hard to offer a great customer experience. Our confidence is in Vancouver Towing is being a low cost cheap local towing company with our prices and work winning you over.

We strive to better ourselves each and every day. Keeping honest and ethical ways of business throughout the years.  We have no plans at all to have that change. We are proud to enjoy our successful clients spread across the entire state. The respect and approval we have earned from those we serve we will continue to seek.  Fellow towing companies in the towing industry respect our work, we take pride in that as well.


We pride ourselves on being an affordable cheap Towing option we don’t stop there. At our towing company we strive to make the customer experience great. An example is even when we work with other emergency response units we work as a team. We make sure our contribution in times of great need are spot on! The police, fire department and ambulance services arrive to various scenes yet we all know our role. Our strength is to be the best tow truck company in every situation. We always make sure that our very first objective is to keep the victims out of danger and calm. Whether in a simple car stall or bad vehicle accident we want people to have relief.

Making sure that people are safe in rescue and recovery situations is the best way we ensure you refer our company to others. When one person has a awesome experience with local towing services n Vancouver they are more apt to refer their friends and family  We are a company who listens to our customers. Our customers want us to treat them as extended family and friends. That means a lot! 



  • Make sure that you stay safe. Remember safety is our number one goal!
  • Be close to your cellphone during a towing situation. We try our best to keep a direct line of communication. Our drivers may need to call you to confirm your location or vehicle.
  • Have any relevant documents out such as insurance cards, drivers license or location of where you desire to tow.
  • Prepare to answer general questions about your situation. Drivers get information from our offices yet sometimes more details may be needed to help.
  • Take any personal valuables out of the vehicle. When towing companies take your vehicle to locations other than you home they can’t take responsibility for your items. We want you to have a great experience with us!
Vancouver towing Services

Vancouver Towing

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